The Wonders of Acetyl-L-Carnitine: An Insight

A Pithy Overview

We are all aware of Amino Acids as building blocks for proteins. There are plenty of Amino Acids inside our body; they aid us to deal with the various struggles of life. It requires a strong heart, agile muscle movement, and a well-functioning body processes to survive. Acetyl-L-carnitine is one such amino acid, which provides the body just what it needs – physical strength.

Although naturally produced inside the body in enough amounts, sometimes, the level the body demands is not enough. Hence comes the needs of dietary supplements that externally supplies with Amino Acids of which this one forms a part. This is mainly the case for people who are below the normal health range.

Recent observations have found that the Acetyl-L-carnitine has shown positive results in treating Alzheimer’s disease, senility, depression in old age, and rehabilitation to substance consumption disorders, particularly alcohol. Patients suffering from Lyme disease have also responded to Acetyl-L-carnitine registration. Other problems that are controllable have been recently spotted. They are:

  • ​Symptoms of low testosterone secretion or male menopause
  • ​Poor blood circulation in the brain
  • Pain in the nerves due to diabetes
  • ​As an auxiliary drug in the treatment of AIDS
  • ​Muscular paralysis

With so many applications evident, it is easily conclusive that Acetyl-L-carnitine is of vital importance to the human body and hence medical sciences.

The Idea on This Compound

Evidently, this compound is now a supplement with a heavy research backing on it. Otherwise known as ALCAR, this chemical is synthesized inside the human body naturally to provide L-carnitine, which is a derivative of lysine, another amino acid and is more bio-available.

ALCAR mainly functions as an antioxidant, similar to L-carnitine, which reduces the free flow of free radicals in the cells. Free radicals are not very good to roam around, and the chemical glutathione scavenges these radicals.

Liver and kidney are the source points of the production of L-carnitine. The compound travels through the blood and is transported to the brain and heart, following up a circulation.

So it is understandable – ALCAR’s importance as a dietary supplement to those in need.

How Can We Benefit from Acetyl-L-Carnitine or ALCAR?

The more biologically available form of Acetyl-L-carnitine, i.e., L-carnitine is involved in cellular metabolism. Hence, the former can boost the synthesis of energy in the mitochondria. Boost up in metabolism means more energy, both in the physical and mental aspect.

  1. This means an active brain will be able to enhance the memory retention. This makes it possible to combat the cognitive problems that surface when one suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Diseases of the nerves such as Parkinson’s, Peyronie’s (something to do with the problems of the penises). It might as well prove of great worth to sudden strokes.
  3. Taking a daily supplement is likely to keep the central nervous system running. A good central nervous system implies a good working condition of the heart. Good health has never been better than this.
  4. Depression can be worse than cancer. It devours on the soul, demeaning the purpose of life altogether. ALCAR is to the rescue here too. When the essential nutrients function well and go with the normal flow, the mood lights up automatically.
  5. In some experiments, it has been found that the visual memory is enhanced by intake of Acetyl-L-carnitine.

The benefits suggest that the implementation of ALCAR causes the decline in the temporal action of the brain to slow down in the rate. You may get old but you will not seem to fade away. There is nothing happier and more satisfying than being able to recall the minutiae of youth days gone by.

How to Put It to Use

  1. Those who are alcoholics might have a hard time remembering stuff in the long run. The decline in memory begins from the age past 30 for those who are addicted to alcohol consumption. If they take the right doses of ALCAR diligently, they can, guaranteed, see a marked difference in their thinking patterns, on the positive side of the scale.
  2. For people with poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes, this is a life-saver. Diabetes usually takes a heavy toll on the nervous system. Proper medication with Acetyl-L-carnitine can restore the lost balance to a considerable extent. The pains at nerve endings have been found to reduce considerably.
  3. The worsening condition of the Penises of men, due to Peyronie’s disease can be put on hold by Acetyl-L-carnitine.
  4. A popular supplement to increase sperm count and movement in men of elderly age is the one we are talking about right now. A 6-month course was observed to be successful enough. This proved beneficial in treating infertility among males. The registration was coupled with the intake of L-carnitine too.
  5. Even testosterone deficiency has also been taken care of by Acetyl-L-Carnitine. Oral registration of the same along with Propionyl—L-carnitine have helped to elevate the male hormone levels.

Note: the ability to have enhanced memory can be surely lucrative as experienced in the Geniux review. However, that does not call for an overdose of these supplements. Related to the brain functions, over activity upon overdose is likely to cause anxiety, nausea, and headache. Rare occasions indicate stomach cramps, gastrointestinal troubles, etc. Even Alzheimer’s patients too cannot take more than what is needed or else they will suffer from worse psychiatric problems and end up feeling miserable.

Hormone balance can go berserk upon uncontrolled dosage, particularly the most sensitive of all - the thyroid hormone. Its secretion may be tampered with if Acetyl-L-carnitine is not taken in controlled amounts.

Not much is known about treatment of cataracts. The areas of research on the effects on various parts of the brain are still under way. Concrete evidences are yet to be had regarding a lot other aspects.

ALCAR has been worth a discovery in the arena of biochemistry and medical sciences. Once all the results from the ongoing researches step in, each one of us will be greatly benefitted from the same.