Alpha-GPC – a New Hope for the Waning Brain

We the people have always hankered for beyond ordinary abilities. It is the quintessential endeavour of humankind to achieve great heights of success, both physically and mentally. As with early men, in the prehistoric periods, physical strength was a reality, but as time progressed, the physique saw a gradual decline. Somehow, we became perhaps, more frail. The need for hunting had reduced after men and women began a civilised life. So did the strength.

The nutrient intake came solely from trees, berries, herbs, and occasional hunting. Back then, who would know of vitamins and mineral contents? Whatever natural foods were available sufficed for the daily diet. Among various chemicals that aided our health and well-being, the compound known as Alpha-GPC, has helped ever since to facilitate the overall growth and mental development.

Now that medical science researches have been able to extract certain chemicals out of natural foods, Alpha-GPC has proved to possess wonderful medicinal properties, mainly to set right the cognitive disorders of human beings. Lately, supplements that contain Choline have this compound incorporated into them, for enhanced pharmacological activity. The enhancement of cognitive abilities in patients who are severely having an issue with the same has been noticeable albeit, via evidence shown by rodents. No humans have been tested yet to uncover the wonders.


Alpha-GPC is mainly found to contain in soy products, in an extractible form. Upon the breakdown of a certain fatty acid found in the soy food, it forms Alpha-GPC, in full known as Alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline; since this product can be extracted, this has helped in manufacturing supplements and medicines under the same name. The only difficulty is its amount. The amount extracted from the natural substances is not quantitatively sound, making it a bit pricey in terms of market value.

Red meat products and organ tissues store small amounts of Alpha-GPC, not enough for the human benefit. Hence, the need for supplements, to facilitate the choline activity in human brains.

How Good is Alpha-GPC?

When ingested orally as a drug, Alpha-GPC helps to influence both kinds of concentrations of choline – systemic and brain. Choline is water soluble, similar to vitamin B-complex. With the exception of pregnant women, alpha-GPC is safe for use on all age groups, obviously, with some consent from a medical practitioner.

The substance Choline helps to aid in memory functions and muscle control.

Alpha-GPC is being put to good use in the following ways –

  1. Athletes take great interest in these supplements because they enhance the production of growth hormone. Studies have shown that this compound also boosts power besides promoting cognitive abilities. Upon consumption of 600 mg of alpha-GPC, the subject showed apparently a superior physical strength.
  2. When taken in with dietary fatty acids, the action of Alpha-GPC becomes better pronounced. It promotes synaptic plasticity by increasing the free choline levels in the brain. The properties can perhaps amplify in the presence of other supplements.
  3. The drug is aiding in the research of Alzheimer’s disease. This disease mainly leads to decline in the cognitive process, and a controlled dosage of Alpha-GPC in patients has proven to show attenuation in the rate of cognitive decline. Currently, Alzheimer’s disease is a matter of great concern among the elderly population. Both men and women are rapidly falling victim to this disease. The retentive power of memory, involuntary logical, and reasoning processes are most affected.  Alpha-GPC shows significant nootropic characteristics. This can aid in relieving a variety of memory-related disorders.
  4. A bit of a headache is also curable when Alpha-GPC is taken under prescription.
  5. It helps to enhance the production of somatropin, otherwise known as the Human Growth Hormone. With this hormone secreting well, the growth and repair of cells in the body can take place quickly leading to a fitter body.

Europe has devised regulations of this medication for the treatment of the Alzheimer’s disease. There, it is available as a prescription drug and is not accessible without one from the doctor. Contrarily, in the US, this compound is usually available as a dietary supplement.

What It Does to the Body

Enhancement of memory

Simply put, the Alpha-GPC elevates the levels of Choline and subsequently facilitates the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. With more neurotransmitter crossing the blood-brain barrier, a person’s memory and cognitive process increases leading to better performances. It is not particularly bliss to be ignorant; remembering helps mostly a lot better.

As a Protector of the Brain Health

It helps in new brain cells to develop. Also, the ability to repair damaged cell membranes also increases greatly. Works best when taken before working out on a daily basis.

Energy Booster

It acts a mild stimulant that increases one’s energy level and the need to work more. What more could one expect than the ability than to work well, fully fit?

Helps to Recover Quickly After Exertion

The athletes who commended the supplement’s ability to recover from post-training exhaustions have reported this good effect.

Enhances Mental Stamina, Lifts the Mood

Many users have reported that it uplifts the mood and provides more stamina to work harder. These days, there might not be another decent alternative to working hard, but definitely, a supplement can be a catalyst, if not a shortcut.

Ending Thoughts

Alpha-GPC has been under constant surveillance of research scientists for years, for its ability to boost memory and other matters of the cortex. Its potential as a nootropic has been the particular area of interest. Since Alzheimer’s disease responds to this compound, it is with high hopes that the medical researchers are waiting for a wide-scale improvement in the conditions of the patients.

Given the continent, you are in, whether Europe or USA, you can avail of Alpha-GPC as per the laid guidelines. Consuming the same within tolerable limits will do no harm especially the amount contained in Geniux. But, since the target area is the brain, too much of its activity can cause dizziness and nausea. That would be equivalent to a stressed-out brain. Better not to go to that extent. Otherwise, this is a wise choice you can make to become smarter than the rest.