Always Be Positive

When do the people and the world around us sound negative? This is a million dollar question that needs to be thought about. It is all in the eye of the beholder. If we see something in a negative way, it is going to be negative, but if we think optimistically, everything around us will become positive. And more than everything, there are thousands and thousands of pessimistic people around us who would corrupt our way of thinking. We need to be strong and clear in our way of thinking so that we do not get carried away by others.

Ways to Be Positive

There are umpteen numbers of modes of happiness and peace everywhere and it is all in our hands to think and react positively so that we remain a good and responsible individual.

  1. Love: First and foremost is love. It is priceless even though it does not ask for money or anything else in return. Spread the word of love everywhere and it is not that only the world and the people around you will change, but also you will become a better person and a great individual, who spreads the good word of love. What more do we need than a few consoling words filled with love and affection. Anybody will melt with love. But how many of us show our affection and love to people and animals around us?
  2. Smile: A sweet, gentle smile is enough to show that I am here for you and will not hurt anyone. Of course, there is a difference between laughing at others and laughing with others. Laughing at others may sound like happiness, but it is not a good sign as it actually makes a person cruel and bad, whereas laughing with others in a healthy way improves not only one’s mental health but also physical well-being too.
  3. Dream: Always dream big to make the society peaceful and calm and one day definitely we would achieve at least 1% of what we had dreamt about, provided our dream is good that would enhance and make everything around us peaceful.
  4. Hope: Let’s all hope that there will be a day that would be pollution free, hassle free, natural disasters free, etc., so that the world around us would change. It is we who have spoilt the world, it is so badly polluted due to our wrong doings, and it is all in our hands to change the smog that is covering our sky and our minds.
  5. Wish: We need to wish good luck not only to ourselves but also to the people so that they would lead a peaceful life too. Wishing happiness, peace and joy to others not only brings in a smile on the face of others, but also it brings in happiness to the person wishing too. Mentally we become a better individual. In contrast to this, if we wish bad things for others and the society, our mental health becomes spoilt thus sending a negative signal and the healthy energy becomes an unhealthy one.
  6. Be calm: Always stay calm and peaceful, do not overreact and spoil other people’s calmness as that would affect us indirectly. There are many ways to instill calmness into our system like yoga, meditation, etc.
  7. Play: There are lots of sports and games to ease out our tension and become stress-free. Play it out and let the goodness spread into our system to make the world around us a better place to live even though it is filled with negative things.
  8. Believe: Believing in oneself is the secret formula for success. Never give hope and we can achieve anything in this world.
  9. Combating anger: Anger is a normal, natural phenomenon that would happen to everybody in this world. Never budge to it and become a prey to angriness. Do not talk with somebody you have some issues with when you are angry as that would spread negativeness around affecting our calmness. Move away and once the anger has subsided then set things right.
  10. Think positive: What more do we want than positive thinking? Think positive and always be positive and the negativeness around us will fade away on its own.

To Sum It Up

The world may be corruptive with evil things around us, but it is all in our hands to heal the bleeding world and see to it that we all join hands to fight the negativeness in our system and the society. It is a gift to be born a human being and as the name suggests, let’s spread the good word of humanity all over and make this place a better one to live for us and our future generations.

Remove the negativity and make it positive by being and staying positive always.

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