The Bitartrate of DMAE: The Brain Enhancer

The neurotransmitters in the brain are instrumental in various functions of the brain. By the very word, it means that these transmit certain important messages to the headquarter of our body and influences the responses that we give out to our surroundings. Whether we are happy or sad, energetic or fatigued depends on neurotransmitters. One such is acetylcholine. Acetylcholine, in the body, is entrusted with the most important part of our life – making memories and retaining them.

The precursor to this neurotransmitter choline is Dimethylaminoethanol or DMAE in short. This occurs naturally inside the brain because if it did not, then we would never have been able to retain anything in our memory.

Not just for the brain, DMAE has special properties that arrest the fast aging rate in humans. No wonder why this chemical finds its way into anti-aging products for the skin. In the following article, we will take a look at the nutritive values of DMAE to the brain.

From Where Do You Get DMAE Bitartrate?

Although DMAE is synthesised naturally in the brain, it is also made available these days in the form of a powder, most commonly in the Bitartrate form. According to the IUPAC nomenclature for chemicals, it is named as 2-dimethylaminoethanol (+)-bitartrate.

Food sources too have some content of DMAE bitartrate but not enough to suffice for the brain action. Hence, they are now also available in the supplement form to be taken alongside regular diet.

Certain fishes such as anchovies, salmon are known to contain DMAE Bitartrate. Other than that, supplements contain this compound. Mediterranean dishes are excellent sources of DMAE bitartrate.

How Do You Take DMAE?

The dosages vary based on research. Since the needs of the applicant vary, so do their requirements. Recommended doses are usually around 350mg and might be elevated up to 750mg if need be.

Benefits Reaped from DMAE Bitartrate

There are numerous benefits that this compound brings ,and they come in as not just one but a package. The brain improves visibly upon taking a regular dose of DMAE Bitartrate. And with that, the subsequent developments that our body begins to experience are as follows –

  • It helps improve the emotional state, in other words, the overall well-being of an individual as seen from the Geniux reviews. A research in Germany took place to study the effects of DMAE Bitartrate in this context. One of the two groups were subjected to placebo pills while the other, to DMAE Bitartrate. The latter group evidently reported better mood, that is to say, they were happier than the ones who were placed on placebos.
  • In a linked chain of events, as a result of an improved emotional state, the anxiety in the individuals reduced too. Again, a study carried out over a period of 5 days revealed this result. Even if the subjects were stressed, the DMAE Bitartrate powder provided them with relief.
  • Obviously, when you are calm, you can take in more information than when you are stressed. Stress and anxiety hinder the brain development every time. This supplement helps a lot in combating these dreadful situations of the mind. No more hindrance to learning and retention of the same.
  • This benefit had not been known until an experiment was made on a few men who were subjected to a substance that damages the long-term memory capacity in a person. The group was divided, as always, and one-half was given placebos while the others, the real DMAE. The reduction in the damage for those under DMAE was found to be significantly higher.
  • One could register themselves for recreational purposes that the DMAE bitartrate. Although this is not particularly recommended, those who wish to make choices in their dreams to influence outcomes according to their own, can do so. The risk is, however, worth it as it enhances the creative abilities of a person. The cognitive processes are greatly benefitted in this way. The process is called lucid dreaming and DMAE helps you to manipulate your dreams in a positive way. This is because you are happy, without much anxiety to dull your perceptions.
  • With its unique anti-aging properties, it has gained quite a lot of popularity. We all want to slow down growth. Also, DMAE provides us with just the thing we need. It improves the skin tone and makes it firm.
  • Certain anti-inflammatory properties of DMAE have also been observed. This fact is quite intriguing and demands attention.

However, nothing in this world is without a dark side, if you stoke it unnecessarily. Consuming DMAE on your own might cause slight to severe nausea, depending on the dose you take. Since its main function is to activate the brain, too much wakefulness can make you feel groggy and all. In addition, the dreams will be more vivid than you had bargained for.

Uses of DMAE Bitartrate

For improved mind health, there can hardly be of any alternative than DMAE bitartrate. The reduction in the build-up of the age pigment is one of the notable effects of DMAE bitartrate. Many anti-aging creams and lotions now contain this compound. The harmful effects of oxidation of cells can be done away with DMAE. The methyl group binds to the cell site and prevents it from getting oxidised.

However, a bit of precaution cannot go amiss, especially if you are pregnant. Try not to engage in regretting yourself with this powder. Unborn infants might get affected

Overall, DMAE is for the betterment of your brains and mind. These days we need to be at the tips and toes for better performances. While that adds to the pressure of living, it usually is reduced by the addition of DMAE Bitartrate. Works are on related to Alzheimer’s disease treatment as well since the disease affects their memory in aged individuals.

Taking advice from a medical practitioner helps especially if you are going to try it for the first time. It is better to have a prior knowledge before you administer yourself to the drug.