Cognitive Enhancers

Cognitive Enhancers can be defined as those drugs and supplements which increase the cognitive functioning of the brain, by increasing the performance level of areas which are chiefly used to measure the intellectual activity of the person. These cognitive Enhancers fall into two broad categories of:

  • Nootropics
  • Smart Drugs

The use of cognitive enhancers, especially in recent times has seen a considerable increase. This is mainly because of the fact that everyone, in order to get an edge in their student and professional lives, has started taking a very liberal view on taking cognitive enhancers.

However, how this decision affects them both in the short and the long run depends on which category their chosen enhancement falls under.

So, to get a better view on this subject, it is necessary to explore these two subtypes.

  1. Nootropics

Nootropics are known to increase brain function while giving a boost to brain health. These substances do not have side effects as they are derived from nature itself.

For example, green tea is said to have a substance called l-Theanine which is a Nootropic compound such as those found in the Alpha Levo IQ capsule. The inherent properties of these substances act as a positive influence on brain activity.

Curcumin a kind of herbal Nootropic which are antioxidants which prevent the brain cells from getting affected by free radical harm.

Vinepocetine, which is an extract from a plant, reduces inflammation of the brain.

  1. Smart Drugs

There are many drugs which are prescribed to patients with problems like ADHD, but because of lack of proper regulation they are being used at rates which are quite dangerous. Unlike Nootropics, smart drugs cause only temporary effect; they will increase the memory or concentration power for only a short period of time.

Also, if continuously abused, they stop being effective and more quantity of these drugs are required to give the same results. The difference between them and Nootropics is easy to see- while Nootropics occur naturally in nature, smart drugs are synthetic.