Fluoride: Neurotoxin

You would have known by now about the use of fluoride in medicine. It is an extremely important element for dental health and is much needed for regular use. It is not found in many sources unlike the other elements and humans can only consume water for their intake of fluoride. However, fluoride is not all positive and healthy for humans. In fact, it is a neurotoxin; something which can affect the human health and cause permanent damage to the human brain.

How is Fluoride Dangerous?

Fluoride is found naturally in water. Depending upon the source of water available the level of fluoride is different in different places. At last, the level of fluoride was successfully tampered with, and water can now be embedded with fluoride.

However, having more amount of fluoride is extraneous as it does not affect the dental health of the consumer. Fluoride can only affect the teeth and gums to a certain extent after which it starts damaging the teeth. For people who reside in fluoride prone areas are in the risk of contacting painful diseases like skeletal fluorosis. But the effects of Fluoride towards the mental health of the consumer are another debate.

Fluoride Can Affect The Consumer In Many Ways Including:

  • IQ
  • Depression
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Thyroid problems
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Fluoride consumption leads to the accumulation of the element in the brain. This accumulation causes an attack on the memory cells present in the brain. Eventually, the memory of the consumer, IQ and other mental capacities are affected due to consumption of fluoride. A drastic effect of fluoride is the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. As the brain is directly attacked by fluoride, mental illnesses occur.

Fluoride is more reactive than Iodine. This causes a bonding between the thyroid cells and fluoride thereby decreasing the efficacy of the thyroid gland. It also affects the pineal gland. The effects on two different glands can cause devastating damage to the body and its regular functioning.

Attack at the Nervous System:

If the already discussed effects of fluoride are not enough, understand the damages causes by fluoride to the nervous system. It is one of the few elements which can directly pass through the brain blood barrier and once in contact with the nervous system; it starts reacting with the structure. It is highly reactive, and the presence of hydrocarbons in the cell structure causes a chain of reactions which damages cells and the spinal cord.

Fluoridated Water:

The USA is one of the few countries where the water is imbued with fluoride. This causes a steady flow of fluoride to the body and may exceed the optimum levels. Extra fluorinated water can cause lead digestion and related illnesses.

How to Avoid Fluoride?

Fluoride water and fluoride toothpaste are the only two sources of fluoride that the body has. It is imperative that the intake of fluoride is reduced. Using fluoride free toothpaste is an easy alternative. Fluoride filters have steadily started improving, and their demand for homes is increasing. There is not much you can do here as the source of fluoride is too few.

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