Ginger Roots and Their Benefits

Ginger is a traditional culinary and herbal spice that is being used for the last 5000 thousand years. It is found mainly in the continent of Asia but it can be grown anywhere in the world of there is a suitable climate. Most of the world’s current demand for ginger root is met by exports from India. Although it is called a ginger root, it is actually the stem of the plant that is consumed and eaten. It is from the same plant family as Turmeric, so it shares some of the benefits with Turmeric including the component of curcumin; though the compound is present in lesser amounts.

What Can Ginger Roots Do?

Ginger roots have many benefits, and they have been used as an ingredient in many beverages and delicacies. This includes ginger ale, although the sugar added to a ginger ale makes it unhealthy and many a times it contains no ginger too.

Ginger is used as an antioxidant, as an anti-inflammatory compound. It alleviates the mood of the consumer and can be used to treat depressions and other mental disorders. It is an excellent tonic for cold and cough and frequently used in Asian countries. Since it improves our brain condition, it can also be used to boost memory and improve memory capacity.

It also affects the chemicals that determine the mood of the user. The chemicals in the brain are called as neurotransmitters and are induced into action by ginger intake. The neurotransmitters improve the brain memory, increase the motivation of the consumer and increase the happiness. They also protect the brain against any free radical damages and can negate any present free radicals and inflammations.

It is often advised to diabetes patient to have an intake of ginger in their daily diet. Ginger protects the body from further damages and keeps a controlled check on diabetes. Adrenal fatigue can also be avoided by Ginger roots as it dispenses any brain fogs and excretion problems. It is a boon for migraine patients as it assuages the pain effectively.

How to Consume Ginger?

Asians usually consume ginger tea. Ginger tea is as effective as aspirin in its pain relieving methods. There are many other cuisines which use ginger as an ingredient. Lastly, ginger ale is one of the most common recipes available for consumption. But this is usually counterproductive and here is the list of how to make your own ginger ale:

  • Add club soda- 12 ounces
  • Add minced ginger roots- 1 teaspoon
  • Honey- 1 teaspoon
  • Mix ginger root and honey with a spoon till it becomes a paste and then add club soda slowly.

Make changes in the method according to your taste and preference. Lastly, there are many other recipes available, and you can check some of them at

Ginger is, in fact, one of the best roots and spices to be consumed for overall benefit. According to the prescriptions available, the quantity of ginger to be consumed needs to be determined according to the doctor’s regulations. This is because of the blood thinning properties of ginger root.

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