Glutamine – Know This Vital Amino Acid


It is glutamine that actually helps build your body. While it may be produced in adequate amounts for normal functioning, in times of injury and other extreme physical stresses such as workout sessions or injuries, the naturally produced amounts may not be enough as the levels are lowered for recovery purposes.

The muscles of the body consume glutamine during heavy physical exertions. The lungs, where the amino acid is made, store the same. It is important that glutamine stays in an adequate amount so as to flush out excess ammonia from the body. That being removed, the immune system gets a boost, which in turn helps the brain with the normal functioning. Even the digestion system’s proper functions bank on the proper amount of glutamine in the body. Evidently, glutamine is the oil to the human machine.

Supplements are not always necessary unless you decide to hit the gym. To build muscles, while boosting the immunity, glutamine supplements are recommended by the instructors and nutritionists alike. Similarly, when you are in the recovery mode from a severe illness or an accident, doctors recommend on administering the glutamine supplement to facilitate your recovery.

Sources and Availability

Lungs produce most of the glutamine. It comes in the form of L-glutamine. This one is mainly recommended for the ones who are keen on building muscles. Never consider its mirror image to have a similar effect because they are never the same. The forms in which this is available are powders, capsules, tablets, or liquids.

Anyhow, the regular foods that we eat such as meats of beef, pork, chicken, etc. contain L-glutamine. The plant proteins obtainable such as cabbage, raw parsley, and of course the milk products such as cottage cheese, yoghurt, milk, and eggs too. Whatever items have been mentioned– all of them form a part of our daily diet, so there is not much of an effort you need to make to get your required dose of glutamine.


  • One of the most abundant amino acids in the body, Glutamine helps boost the overall immunity as mentioned before. A body well immune to trivial illness can perform well, both inside and outside.
  • It does great help to the digestive system too. It is this system that helps us absorb all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy growth and development of the body. Alongside, it lines the GI walls for better passing of bowels.
  • With nutrients well absorbed into the blood stream, the brain charges up, thus making us feel like a winner every day. It is essential, therefore, that Glutamine supply never ceases or impedes in production.

What Are Its Uses?

As clear from the previous section, glutamine, the amino acid, is the main ingredient in a healthy body. Precisely, the uses are detailed below for you to understand just how effective a single amino acid can be.

Heal the Wound

A stressed body releases the vampire hormone cortisol that dries up the body from the inside as if draining it of all its vitality. And cortisol is like a sworn enemy of glutamine. The levels go down alarmingly when the former strikes. This usually happens when a person is injured, infected by some vicious disease, or undergoes post-surgical stresses.

Aftershocks are the worst for critically ill people. They could even lead to death. But with the glutamine going inside the body during tube feeding help contain that. Glutamine also helps prevent multiple organ failures because the immunity gets a backup via these supplements.

Treats Your IBD to Some Extent

Or you would like to call it Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Glutamine helps line the gastrointestinal tract, commonly called the GI tract. However, researchers are yet to vouch for its absolute effectiveness. Cases of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, the particular forms of IBD, showed not very significant results with Glutamine supplements.

As a Boost to HIV/AIDS Sufferers

We all know how deadly the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is. Some individuals are the carriers and feel nothing for years until it decides to strike. The ones that contract the virus wither away like a dry autumn leaf. The strikingly poignant cinema, Philadelphia can give you the idea of what AIDS can do to people. Since the disease has to do with immunity deficiency, glutamine, coupled with vital vitamins such as C and E, beta-carotene, and other supplements containing Selenium and N-acetylcysteine, can help a bit.

With glutamine registered, the patients are able to improve their capability to absorb nutrients and do well to their immunity. Glutamine seems like a glimmer of hope to those poor souls, isn’t it?

A Must for Athletes

Athletes need their muscles in working conditions all the time. Practices hours on end reduce the amount of glutamine to a significant level. This, in turn, takes a toll on the immunity. Taking glutamine supplements help them to combat a minor cough and cold, which could otherwise bring down their performances.


Right now a large number of people in every country across the world are falling victim to this deadly scourge. Although the life expectancy can be extended by using chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the exposure to these harsh chemicals leave the body quite limp and malnourished. To help rejuvenate, glutamine, the builder can be put to use.

Glutamine helps heal the inflammatory condition of the stomach. Hence, it can be of some help due to post-chemo diarrhoea and other stomach related disorders.

End Thoughts

While you may have been swept away by its benefits, it is important that you do not ignore the precautions involved because after all, it is a chemical when taken from external supplementary sources.

Try not to take glutamine with hot beverages because heat destroys the same. The tablet or powder will cease to have any value if you do so.

Beware of overdoses in the hope of better immunity. It might lead to impaired kidney functions.  You won't get overdosed when taking the Geniux supplement.

Do not confuse glutamate for glutamine. To know better, the difference between the two, one needs a bit of a grasp with Chemistry. The former is not very good for health.

It is always wise to consult your doctor before taking any supplement despite all the information provided on the Internet.