Guided Meditation

Stress is a daily part of our lives these days. People recommend the practice of yoga to gain control over the stressful lives that we are living. However, no one really tells you how to meditate. To properly reap the benefits of yoga, there is something called as guided meditation.

Why Yoga?

This is probably the easiest question. The internet is full of life changing stories about yoga which narrate how the practice of yoga enriched their lives. Yoga comprises of a set of exercises which need a carefully controlled and rhythmic breathing. The full extent of yoga can be achieved only when the two parts are perfectly in sync with each other.

  • Yoga helps the mind relax
  • Yoga is known as the gateway to a healthier lifestyle
  • It is also used in cases of a psychiatric disorders like depression and bipolar disorder
  • Yoga controls the negative emotions like anger

What Happens When One Performs Yoga?

When a person is performing yoga, a natural neurotransmitter called as GABA is released. During stress and anxiety, there is an absence or reduction in the levels of this neurotransmitter. GABA is our body's natural Valium, which slows down the brain processes and helps us relax.

Not only does yoga help our body and brain relax, it enables us to have a state of no thought. Our brain produces almost 50,000 thoughts per day and because of which there is always a thought which is running through our brain. Yoga enables the chain of thought to stop and gives us peace. This thoughtless state is hardly even achieved during sleep because of the levels of stress and anxiety in our daily lives.

In cases of depression and other disorders, where our brain constantly produces thoughts that demean and demotivate us, yoga is miraculous. A part of the brain called as hippocampus is constantly under attack during depression and anxiety. The two disorders also cause inflammation and make us more prone to negative thoughts.

Yoga, on the other hand, bolsters the hippocampus and controls the negative thoughts. It helps us remember the good thoughts and makes the mind more resilient to depressed and anxious thoughts like fear and anger. The reason this is happening is because yoga rewires the existing neuron system in our brain enabling new methods of thoughts and ruminations.

However, all of the benefits of yoga are not easy to achieve, and this where Geniux can help. They require constant practice and habitual patience. It will be impossible to achieve a state of thoughtlessness in the first yoga session and for proper training, guided meditation is needed.

How To Get Guided Meditation?

Many universities offer courses on guided meditation for their students and visitors. Some of the universities are Houston University, UCLA, Dartmouth College and Brigham University. The courses are made by trained and experienced professionals.

In addition to this, there are plenty of audio mp3’s available for people who wish to listen to soothing mediating music like white noise and so on. Spotify, udema and give out great audios for yoga. Most of them are free and instructions are available on guided meditation.

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