Korean Ginseng: Uses and Precautions

Korean Ginseng helps improve the overall health. It strengthens the immune system and also helps fight stress. Korean Ginseng has been proved to treat a wide range of diseases.

Ginseng is of varied kinds. Asian Ginseng comes from China and Korea. It is useful in treating diabetes and male erectile dysfunction. The other variant, American ginseng is also used to treat diabetes and prevents common cold and flu. Siberian ginseng prevents cold and also reduces herpes simplex virus. It is also known to cure many other infections in the human body.


Ginseng should not be given to infants because it may harm them. It is absolutely not recommended for children or infants in any form.

Some dietary and herbal supplement products have been known to contain impurities in ginseng; you should thus check with your doctor and only purchase the recommended brand.

Ginseng is not reviewed for safety or for effectiveness. You should consult your doctor or your pharmacist for more details and take a dosage only under proper medical prescription.

How to Use Ginseng

Ginseng should be taken orally. The product packaging will have all the details on the dosage as well the way to take it. However that is not foolproof and you should consult your doctor before starting any dosage.

The dosage will depend on the brand of the product as well as the disease for which it is being used. Any uncertainty should always be discussed with your doctor. Overdosage will lead to side effects and a lower dosage may not give you the required results.

Ginseng causes trouble in sleeping. Make it a point to not take the dose before going to bed.

Ginseng should not be eaten for a very long time. Asian ginseng should not be taken for more than three months. Siberian ginseng should not be taken for more than two months at a go. American ginseng is best when consumed for a month. Consuming it for more than the specified time can turn to prove fatal. Your doctor will let you know the same and also how to use it and take the dosage safely.

The side effects of ginseng are not rare. In case you face any serious issue after taking the medicine you should seek medical help immediately. The consequences can be serious and sometimes even proves to be fatal.

Side Effects of Ginseng

The side effects of ginseng are not common. Sleep trouble is a very common problem that people face when consuming ginseng. Headaches, upset stomach and agitation are few of the common problems faced by people. Breast pain, vaginal bleeding and menstrual troubles are also very common with ginseng.

Monitor your blood pressure after taking ginseng. It may tend to fluctuate. There may also be concerns regarding drowsiness or mood swings. In case any if these side effects persist for long then contact your doctor without any delay.

These common side effects normally pass away in some time. However in case you experience something uncommon like irregular heartbeat then it needs immediate help. Do not hesitate or else it may prove to be fatal.

Allergies due to ginseng are rare. However in case you face any then meet your doctor. Itches, rashes or swellings also need immediate medical attention.

Though this list does not include all the side effects, in case you feel any other discomfort then do not delay in visiting your doctor. Your doctor will give you a list of side effects that should not be a cause of worry.

In case, you experience anything different then rush for immediate medical help. Sometimes the effects are very normal and pass over soon. However, at other times the side effects may be uncommon and may lead to be fatal sometimes even leading to death.

Before taking ginseng, tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to it. In case you are allergic to any variant of ginseng or to any other ingredients listed on the product label; mention it to your doctor. This product may contain inactive ingredients, which can cause allergic reactions or other problems.

Talk to your pharmacist for more details. If you are allergic to ginseng or any other medications, then tell your doctor about the same. Ginseng tends to interfere with many regular medications and thus, your doctor should know what all medicines you take so that he can suggest you a ginseng dose accordingly.

Check for Allergies

If you are allergic to one kind of ginseng then you should not take the other variant also.

The liquid form of ginseng contains sugar and alcohol. If you have diabetes then take caution and tell your doctor. Also, if you have any liver diseases then also this product is best avoided.

Since the liquid form of ginseng contains alcohol, do not drive or do any strenuous work after taking the dosage. Rest or sleep for sometime till you come back to normal and are sure that you have no side effects.

Pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers should not consume ginseng in any form. Though it is unknown if the product passes through breast milk, still it is best avoided.


Store the bottle as per the directions given to you. You can check for the directions that are mentioned in the packaging. Do not consume ginseng after the expiry date. This is absolutely not advised. In case of any over dosage, you should rush to seek medical help immediately. The consequences may be fatal. Never take the dosage over the counter. You should take ginseng only under strict medical conditions.

Wrapping it Up

The benefits of ginseng are many. However, it is important to consume it with a lot of safety. Ask for all details from your doctor and only then take this medicine. If you are pregnant or under medication, let your doctor should know about it. Do not neglect any side effects and seek immediate medical help if required.  In the Alpha Levo IQ reviews, you'll find Korean Ginseng forms part of that supplement.

An overdose of ginseng or an expired ginseng bottle can do more harm than good. Buy only the branded labels which are pure and free from any impurities. The herb has been in use since ages and there can be absolutely no issue if taken correctly and with all precautions.