Wonders of L-Theanine, an Extract from Age Old Tea

Drinking tea has its Oriental roots from at least 5000 years ago. The Chinese had already uncovered the benefits of tea by then, and so did the Japanese. Not just as a beverage, but also, as a medicine did tea become an essential part of the daily life and has ever been since then.

The Japanese regard tea so highly that they have a tea ceremony celebrated every year. Tea is prepared from the leaves of the flowering plant Camellia, and it has an excellent biochemistry that blends perfectly with the physical effects of the human body. More than black tea, it is the green tea that helps with the rejuvenation and elevation process, which, in turn, elevates the brain capacity. We are left feeling simply happy. Such is the power of tea. And where does it get all its healing power from? An amino acid, theanine, it is. Moreover, this compound has lately been under substantial research ever since its isolation in 1949.

Introducing L-Theanine

Lately, the dependency in caffeine has increased because it helps the body to stay alert for longer hours, hence, helping us to work more. Although the caffeine content in tea sometimes exceeds coffee’s, it does not hit as fast as coffee does, or any other beverage, such as energy drinks, diet drinks, or drugs. The secret behind this slow reaction is L-theanine. The problem with the other kind of caffeine is that stays in the body for more than 10 hours and if you are alcoholic, then probably a bit longer. This is not the case when L-theanine is around. It has been proven to slow down the hard-hitting effect of caffeine but keeping the fat burning and rejuvenation capability intact, and hence is in the Geniux ingredients.

  • It keeps drowsiness at bay, as per research reports. The body gets the same amount of relaxation, a calm mind, and a faster brain to think, minus the drag that caffeine brings.
  • The subjects taking tea slept better. By better, we mean a sound and consistent sleep. This test was conducted in Japan where the subjects were given doses of 200 mg L-theanine daily. The results were very prospective. They were happy with the quality of sleep they experienced.
  • Imagine the quality of mood when you just wake up from a sound sleep. That is the kind of mood, which L-theanine helps to achieve. Now, it has earned a patent as a mood enhancer. It modulates the mood lowering the stress levels.
  • EEG recordings have provided the evidence for the effect of L-theanine on the brain. You can add to the effect by listening to good music while you sip some tea or take in the supplement.

Its Benefits

Stress and depression release glucocorticoids, which disrupts the balance in brain chemistry and hampers with memory capacity. The chemicals serotonin, norepinephrine, etc. neurotransmitters face a disruption because of elevated stress levels in the body. The modern world will make sure you stay stressed, so you have to devise a way to combat its ill effects. L-theanine comes to your rescue here.

  • ​L-theanine can suppress the production of corticosteroids. This helps bring down the stress levels which otherwise could lead to shrink in the brain for worst-case scenarios.
  • It can also act as a glutamate antagonist. Glutamate levels go out of hand when a person is depressed. L-theanine helps to block the sites of glutamate reception and combat depression like any other anti-depressant. Here it shows its magic as a mood enhancer. Depressed people have a hard time remembering stuff as along with the mood, the brain too gets affected.
  • Both the Chinese and Japanese suggest that drinking tea regularly reduces the risk of heart stroke by about 40%. It helps to maintain the healthy levels of theanine in the body, and provides the pillar to lean on in times of crisis, so to speak.
  • The anti-oxidant capacity of the liver is restored; that is a chemical named glutathione.

In the long term, L-theanine can help protect us from chronic neurodegenerative diseases. Stressed nerves suffer just as a string that has been stretched for too long. You can worry less if you are taking supplements or drinking tea.

Uses L-Theanine Finds in Modern Times

Theanine has garnered a lot of interest among researchers in medical sciences lately because of its superb healing effects. Mostly, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients, post-chemo patient,s etc. where the brain and liver undergo a gradual shock, the compound has proved its worth.

A Perfect Substitute to Sleeping Pills

Now that L-theanine is available as supplements in the form of tablets, a good advice from a medical practitioner and you are good to go.

Provide a Good Balance to Liver

Alcoholics too can share the goodness of L-theanine. Japanese researchers have shown that liver responds well to theanine. Its main function involves blocking the toxic radicals and break down acetaldehyde. The free radicals in the body are known to do much harm, which the theanine helps prevent.

To Prevent Tumour Formation, Theanine Is Used Simultaneously with Chemotherapy

Talks are on to include theanine to patients undergoing chemotherapy. Theanine has been found to restore glutathione levels in the liver, which is otherwise lost because consequent of harsh drug interaction.

For the tumour part, theanine blocks its glutathione feed. This is how it helps restore balance into the ailing body.

Wrapping It Up

For ages, it has been known that tea, green or black, has abilities to keep cancer at bay. Now there are scientific researches to prove the theories. The Oriental world has always reached the importance of tea in the western world that is obsessed with coffee.

The scales are out now. It is up to you to weigh the effects according to your perception and decide whether to start sipping that piping cup of hot clear liquid and distress your body and mind. Choice rests on you. Theanine wishes you the best of health. May you live long.