Mental Performance

Mental performance is the primary determinant of your efficiency and quality as a human being. Everything you think, everything you plan to do, everything you do – is all governed by your brain.

Mental performance governs physical performance and vice versa. It’s true. Just like your brain controls your body and physical abilities, your physical attributes, habits and actions in turn affect your mental health and hence your mental performance.

Each and every little action you perform in any given day, be it eating, studying, playing, working, reading, writing or even sleeping – all of it largely influences your mental help. Some strengthen your mind, some weaken it.

So let us go over a few of the exogenous variables that mold and impact our mental performance.

Food, Food, Food

We often undermine the role the first meal of the day plays in influencing our work for the rest of the day. Having a power-packed meal at the beginning of a day has proven to be a big boost for the performance of your mind.  Eat Alpha Levo IQ to help your brain.

Breakfast raises the glucose level in the blood which in turn enhances a neurotransmitter in the brain. This in turn improves your memory, stamina and helps you get through the day with a lot more ease.

Iron and Vitamin B1 are essential nutrients that must be present in a hearty breakfast. There are certain foods that kick start your day such as caffeine that is known to enhance your alertness.

Drinking sufficient water every day is also absolutely crucial to the perfect operation of the brain. The mind needs fluid for efficiency. Hydrate yourself enough and see the result for yourself.

Sleep Tight

Prolonged hours of staying awake have a number of negative influences on mental performance. To be more specific, sleep deprivation adversely affects memory and attention, particularly vigilance.

The average requirement of sleep for the productive working of the brain is 6 to 8 hours. Sleep less than this and you will be tired all through the day. Your judgments get cloudy and your ability to concentrate diminishes tenfold.

So, make sure you get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep will do wonders for the health of your mind as well as your body.

Sweet Life Hack

Everyone has a sweet tooth. Sugar is delicious happiness. But does it have any effects on us, good or bad?

Of course it does. When we eat good, we automatically feel good. But what is best is that we even think better and perform better. But eating too much sugar does not count as eating good.

Our productivity is seriously harmed when we consume excessive sugar. Our focus, concentration, energy – everything gets zapped. We lose our temper easily and get stressed also way too easily. The biological impact that sugar has on our mind and body is pretty bad and we need to take control and put an end to it.

Dream On

Daydreaming is often frowned upon. While working on something challenging and important, our mind often wanders and we coax it to get back on track. But perhaps, it is not such a terrible thing for our mind to wander at times.

When we are struggling to accomplish a challenging task, daydreaming activates more of the parts of the brain. It employs all faculties of the brain, thereby causing a tumult of mental activity and brain function. This has positive effects on your memory, creativity and thus enhances your mental performance and efficiency.

So you see, it is not always a bad thing to daydream a little. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Tune In

Music is a mode of relaxation and stress relief. But did you know it is also a way to perform better? Listening to simulative music while performing tough academic or other cognitive tasks, largely enhances our performance.

A large number of students find it very useful to listen to certain specific genres of music while studying. And this is frowned upon by their parents because they think that their children are not focusing enough on their studies and wasting time by listening to music by listening to music.

However, contrary to the belief of most parents, it is actually proven that music evicts the mental stress of doing cognitive work and sharpens focus and mental ability. While doing homework, studying for an exam, reading or writing, music is seen to have an incredible impact on the performance of the mind.

But then again all music does not have a positive influence. Children listening to their favourite genres of music have been shown to depict a slow growth. Only sedative and simulative music tends to affect anxiety, focus and brain functioning in a positive way.

To Wrap It Up

Mental performance therefore, is seen to depend on a wide variety of factors. Just like the brain controls all faculties of the body, the body too has an influential effect on the brain, its health and performance.

Food, water, sleep, sugar, day dreaming, thoughts, music – these are just a very few examples of what affects mental performance. A lot of other things that you do on a daily basis invariably have an impact on your mental performance, whether big or small.

So, watch out for what you put in your body and what you do all day. It can go a long way in changing your mental character and performance.