Natural Anti-Depressants

Depression is one of the most troubling mental disorders. This disorder harms a major chunk of American lives, and most of the cases go on undocumented because of the stigma associated with it. This disorder usually is treated with the help a professional psychiatrist and lots of medications called anti-depressants. However, these anti-depressants are mostly synthetic and lab generated.

  • There is an alternative to these lab generated anti-depressants and they are naturally available.
  • These anti-depressants are found in a majority of anti-depressant drugs available in the market.
  • Hence, we here try to list out some of the most popular anti-depressant ingredients available.
  • Note that many of these natural anti-depressants are found in an adulterated state in drugs. An easy way to determine such a case is if the label lists the ingredients as extracts then it might be a different version


The chief constituent of Indian spice and food colour Turmeric. This ingredient is widely researched worldwide as it provides the host with multitudes of healthy benefits. The ingredient can be used to treat brain disorders, can combat cancer and is excellent at healing wounds. The antidepressant quality of ingredient can be due to the different processes it acts. It quite simply is simulating the release of the happy hormone called the Serotonin. Serotonin is a natural antidepressant and quite necessary against bad thoughts and mentality.

Depression is also said to be caused by the inflammation of the head. This inflammation is said to slowly eat away the cells present in the brain. This is another cause of depression and not many drugs available in the market even cater to this requirement. Curcumin does this naturally and can attack and soothe brain anomalies without causing damage to the brain.


This is pure chemistry. ALC or acetyl-l-ceatine is a precursor to acetylcholine which is necessary for brain growth and health. ALC also has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a good combination for treating depressions. The component is found easily and is one of the most potent mental capacity supplements found in the market.


The second Indian spice in the list, Saffron is a golden colour medicinal plant indigenous to India. It is great as a constituent in many cuisines including deserts and now with research is found to be perfect for anti-depressants. The herb directly raises the levels of serotonin and melatonin, another neurotransmitter necessary for the well-being of the brain. Saffron supplements are often loaded with adulterated saffron and one should avoid supplements that say saffron extracts. There are currently 100 different types of saffron, and not every single one of them is beneficial to the body.

Fish Oil:

The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil can produce necessary chemical balance for serotonin production. It is already scientifically proven that the oil is very beneficial to human health, and it is great as an antidepressant.

Lastly, the other constituents which might work are Tryptophan, EGCG, Kava, Arctic Root, and so on. The use of the said antidepressant chemicals depend surely on the doctor and the extent of treatment required.


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