Nootropic: Natural Substitutes

We hear about brain supplements which increase the brain function and boost the memory. These supplements are not always natural, and more often they make more damage to the brain than they can benefit our brains. A nootropic is a compound which benefits our brain and makes it healthier.

Synthetic brain supplements do increase the brain function, but they do not make it healthier. They actually make our brain more susceptible to disorders like anxiety, depression and so on. These disorders inhibit our brain functionality in the long run.

Nootropic, on the other hand, does not damage the brain and over time it makes the brain healthier. They are naturally available compounds and hence are more reliable than their synthetic counterparts.

How Does Nootropic Help Brain Function?

A natural nootropic can affect our brain by producing any of the following effects:

  • Increase the brain circulation
  • Destroy and clear our the free radicals in the brain
  • Boosts the energy of brain
  • Increases the production of important brain chemicals called as neurotransmitter
  • Slow down brain aging

Nootropic is important, and it is often misunderstood. Once used in the proper function, they can boost the brain capabilities in the long run and not for an ephemeral period. The following list is of some of the available nootropic:

Vitamin B12

Before one can use nootropic, there needs to be sufficient strength in the brain to use them. Vitamin B12 is like the foundation of the brain chemicals and nootropic. However, excess of Vitamin B12 is not necessary as it has no effect on the brain metabolisms and capacity. An optimum level of the vitamin is enough.

Other than Vitamin B12, a multivitamin pill is also helpful as it contains many different vitamins. The supplement is enough for all the requirements and research at Harvard Public School shows the same.

Amino Acids

These supplements work better than food that contains amino acids. ALC or Acetyl-l-carnitine forms acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter responsible for brain power and memory.


The protein that is popular and important for hair growth and strength is equally important for brain power. Although body builders use it to strengthen their bodies, this supplement is surprisingly effective for brain boosting. The substance is mostly found in red meat so for vegans the supplement is the only source of creatine.


There is a huge misconception about this compound. It is usually believed that after eating Turkey, this compound gives an eater a sluggish tired feeling. However, it is not true and Tryptophan is necessary for creating serotonin, a necessary neurotransmitter and it also affects many disorders like ADHD, Depressions, SAD, etc.

There are many other nootropics present which offer their own advantages. Some of them are Omega-3 Fatty acids, magnesium, Vinpocetine, Picamilon, PS, Curcumin and so on. The list is long and advantageous for the informed.

These drugs are supposed to increase the brain function, improve the cognitive abilities and make the brain healthier in the long term. With so many options available, the requirement of a synthetic nootropic is unnecessary.

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