Phosphatidylserine Complex Profile

One of the chemicals produced inside the body that has widespread functions is phosphatidylserine. A part of the cell structure, it plays a very important part – the key to maintaining the cellular function, particularly, the ones in the brain. This is a type of fat, a phospholipid (for those who want to know the scientific term) and is in the highest concentration in the brain, in the neural tissue.

Just as we have vitamin supplements even though they are naturally available, even phosphatidylserine complex is also taken as a supplement. Earlier, its main source used to be cow brain, from where it was extracted but now vegetables have taken over the source part, much to the convenience of vegetarians and vegans. However, the reason for the shift was not the food habits. It was feared that the extract from cow might cause people to suffer from Mad Cow disease if an infected cow were chosen by accident.

The western countries include this in their daily diet about 130 mg each day. Geniux includes Phospatidylserine complex.  It is a bit expensive, though, for such frequency and the effect seems to wear thin after use.

Source of This Compound

The human body produces this chemical as well. The main working area being the brain, it looks after the memory and all tries to keep Alzheimer ’s disease at bay when released in adequate amounts. People with fading memory need to be given Phosphatidylserine complex from supplementary sources. This is how the supplements gained ground.

In the past, the compound was called BC- Phosphatidylserine, BC standing for Bovine Cortex, the brain of the cow. Now, mostly the current supplement is extracted from soy.

Things to Know About Its Benefits

The compound plays a vital role in improving and maintaining cognitive functions. The chain of performance related functions are also known to be benefitted.

  • Improvement in athletic performance – despite inconsistent studies, Phosphatidylserine complex has been found to improve the athletes in their performances. Areas of muscle soreness, muscle damage are yet to be explored. But the data regarding Oxygen uptake, Neuroendocrine operations, etc. are in the collections.
  • Cortisol responds to Phosphatidylserine complex – cortisol is a stress hormone that does great damage to the body if released in high levels. Phosphatidylserine complex, depending on its dose, reduces the secretion. The peak cortisol levels go down more than in comparison with placebo pills. This part is subject to extensive research. Alternate registration with placebo pills and Phosphatidylserine complex pills weighed the scales heavier on the latter’s side.  The scientists work on plasma samples to know more about the effects on cortisol, testosterone, lactates and all. The results are quite impressive. It has been found that the stress created in the body after exercise can be lowered by 30%.
  • The brain gets a boost in the elderly people – fighting dementia is an old man’s daily chore. But with the Phosphatidylserine complex around, this should no more be of any worry. Some novel formulation of the same has been reported to show high levels of efficacy in dealing with cognitive deficits.

Possible Effectiveness

  • The mental growth halts as we age. Heck, it begins to decline, and that can be scary. Here’s where the supplement of this chemical helps. The decline rate can be delayed to keep the language skills, memory skills, and other cognitive processes fit. The supplement made from cow brain helps with these goals, but not all is so clear about the new ones with the plant source.
  • In treating Alzheimer’s disease – if the patient is registered for 6-12 weeks with the Phosphatidylserine complex, then they begin to show significant improvements. The plant sources have shown the results, but the effect sadly begins to fade after about 16 weeks.
  • It can increase in the body the chemical acetylcholine, that is effective against Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. but if a person is already taking medicines for the disease, they need not take the Phosphatidylserine complex.

However, certain drugs might interfere with the supplement functions. It is better to take the advice of a doctor if you are already on medication for similar purposes.

Thoughts at the End

The cognitive functions provide the ultimate balance to an individual. To put it this way, it is a sign of a healthy person. Several chemicals are released in the body to ensure the smooth functioning of this process. However, tough luck if things go haywire. And they begin to happen when one gets older. No wonder why it is called a second childhood, where every memory slips into oblivion. Like a child, the ageing man stammers, forgets his speech and turn senile.

Science has advanced so much that now these predicaments of the old age are but fifty miles away from the person. However old they may be, you still look and revelling at the aged musicians that can still kill the guitar on stage or those vocals on stage. How do you think they have unlocked that achievement? The answer lies in this brain enhancing supplements that have helped them to go the extra mile.

However, good it may be, do not forget to go through the contraindications and side effects section on the leaflet that comes with the capsules. Although it is marked ‘possibly safe’ for adults and children both, it could lead to sleeplessness if the dosage goes on the higher side. Are you ready to lose your sleep for an enhanced brain? Sounds like trading well-being for stress. Not to mention, anxiety, that comes for free with stress.

If only pregnant women could be kept in a separate world, away from all kinds of problems, doubts, and fears until their children are born! Jokes apart, Phosphatidylserine complex excites the body, which does no good for the pregnant women. Necessary precautions are a must, therefore.

The fear about Mad Cow cannot be ruled out yet it sounds absurd that a human would contract an animal disease however much contagious that may be. All in all, it is better to go for the soy sourced Phosphatidylserine complex to rid yourself of any ambiguity.