Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a cell membrane section whose work is to alert the cell cycle, especially in the death of the cells, which is a normal phenomenon in the human system. For a child who is in the age group of 8 to 14, 20 to 30 billion cells undergo the process of dying per day.

It can be both synthesized by the human body as well as consumed through food. In order to obtain more benefits, it can be taken in as supplements. It is considered as an important chemical required for cognitive function, which can be produced in younger ones. As we grow older, supplementation of this chemical is required in order to improve memory and cognitive capacities.  Phospahtidylserine is found in Alpha Levo IQ  capsules.

Sources of Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine can be synthesized naturally by the human body and also can be obtained from intake of proper dietary foods. Previously it was made from the cow brains as supplements, but since there was a scare of causing mad cow infectious disease, it is now being made from the vegetable sources like cabbage, soy, etc.

Insufficient Diet

When it can be produced naturally in the body, why do we need supplements is a million dollar question. The answer is stress, the aging process, bad eating habits, etc.

Stress: Stress actually depletes the levels of PS and increases the demand for PS too. Therefore dietary supplement becomes essential.

Aging: As we grow old, there is digestive and metabolic inefficiency and so our brain needs PS as supplementary diet.

Modern dietary chart: Our modern day eating habits actually hinders the production of PS in the body and so we require PS as a supplement.


It has been proven to have excellent effects on

  • Alzheimer’s disease: It is very effective when given for short duration of time of six to twelve weeks. But when prolonged for more than the above mentioned period of time, say around 16 weeks, it loses its effects.
  • Mental function in older people: When made from the cow brains, it showed very good change and improvement in the language skills, attention and memory power in the elderly people. But the new product made from the plant source has less evidence over the memory loss aspect when compared to its animal origin counterpart.

But it would be better to go for a plant source supplement than animal source due to the infection that cow brain supplement could cause. And there is growing evidence that the plant origin supplements would be an effective source of support for treating Alzheimer’s and mental decline in older people.

There is less evidence on:

  1. Improvement of thinking skills in younger adults
  2. Cures attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  3. In the prevention of exercise induced stress: A study showed that when athletes, who were involved in cycling, weight lifting, golf, etc, took it during their training period felt better and had less muscle soreness and stress. It actually checks the physiological deterioration due to the over training and overstretching. But there are other contradictory studies too which shows otherwise
  4. In order to improve athletic performance
  5. Depression: Research shows some early evidence of improvement in depression of older people and improvement in their mood
  6. Used in Tumor Treatment
  7. Boosts Learning
  8. Increases Mental Acuity
  9. Increases Vigilance
  10. Increases the Concentration Power

Working Process

It looks like an interesting substance from the above mentioned uses, but how does it work? It may be just a chemical but it plays a vital role in cell function, especially in the brain cells. It is a key component in the cell structure.


It is taken orally. The dosage for Alzheimer’s disorder and other thinking or memory problems due to the aging process is 100 mg of Phosphatidylserine three times daily.

Side Effects

Studies show that this Phosphatidylserine substance is absolutely safe but as mentioned above, if made from animal sources, the scare of infection is definitely there. But, there is no proven evidence of anybody acquiring this infection from the animal source supplements.

Still it would be a smart decision to go for supplements from the plant origin than animal sources to be on the safe side.

Some of the side effects of the Phosphatidylserine when taken more than 300 mg a day are as follows:

  • Insomnia
  • Stomach upset

Precautionary Warnings

There is no proven theory against the safety of this particular chemical for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, but still to be on the safe side avoid using the intake of Phosphatidylserine when you are pregnant or feeding your baby.

Combination with Other Drugs

  • Anti-Cholinergic Drugs or Drying Medications: When taken along with drying medications, it actually increases certain chemicals which would decrease the effect of the anti-cholinergic medications like atropine, scopolamine, antidepressants and antihistamines (drugs used for allergies), etc.
  • Acetyl Cholinesterase Inhibitors (Alzheimer’s Medication): This drug works by producing the chemical acetylcholine and the Alzheimer’s medication also works in the same way. Hence there is a possibility of this drug increasing the side effects of the AChE inhibitors like Aricept, Cognex, Exelon, Reminyl, etc.
  • Cholinergic Drugs: This medication produces acetylcholine as mentioned above similar to the drugs used for glaucoma and other cholinergic drugs. Since there is more production of acetylcholine, the side effects of the cholinergic drugs like Pilocar, etc gets increased due to the interaction of the drug Phosphatidylserine.

Therefore, it would be a smart move to check in with your healthcare provider before opting for this dietary supplement along with other medications as the side effects and effects of the drugs would increase due to the consumption of this product.

Summing It Up

This may do wonders for many young people especially athletes and old people due to its positive nature but beware of its pros and cons as every coin has two sides. The disadvantages might ring a bell and so be very cautious in opting for this drug when you are already taking other tablets too.

Always consult your healthcare provider before choosing this drug as your dietary supplement.