Remove Clutter and Reduce Stress

We humans have a lot of things going on in our lives. We tend to buy things and keep them in our homes or offices thinking that it will be useful and we might need it in the future. However, as time passes, most of these things just end up gathering dust and hardly being used. The ‘needed’ things eventually become clutter; something that is no longer needed but is still there.

Why Clutter Exists?

Thanks to social media, the world is far closer, and we can see what our friends and other strangers are doing in their lives. This garners a desire in us to buy the same things that we see our friends have.

In addition, the lingering presence of advertisements in every single website exacerbates the desire to buy things online or offline. After we buy the things, however, we do not really use them that much. Thus, the non-useful materials keep piling up and invariably it brings about stress.

What Does Clutter Do to Our Lives?

Clutter has a varying effect on our lives and for us to understand what is happening, we need to understand certain things. To make it more substantial, let us see what the experts are saying about this.

Dr. Sherrie Bourg Carter says that clutter enervates your mental capacity and makes you anxious, overwhelmed.

Centre on Everyday Lives and Families of UCLA, concluded that clutter affects the mood as well as the self-esteem of the families that have gathered clutter in their lives. The effects on women are far more prominent than men.

Julie Morgenstern, the author of Organizing from the Inside Out, explains that when we can find the things that are needed without being hindered by clutter, then the person is well organized.’s survey concludes that 1/3 of the residents do not stay at their homes to avoid cleaning the mess in their homes. In addition to this, the data pointed out that Americans waste 9 million hours in organizing their clutter.

Clearly, Clutter Has an Effect on Our Lives. Now What to Do?

First and foremost, one has to agree with the fact that there is too much clutter around in our homes and office spaces. One has to draw a line between too much clutter and manageable clutter.

Experts Offer Varying Advice on How to Clean Your Clutter

Cindy Glovinsky and Julie Morgenstern suggest that cleaning one area at a time is a good way to start when one has to clean and organize. In addition to this, they also suggest that one needs to tackle the area which is bothering them the most as they start.

In contrast, bestselling author of ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’, Marie Kondo, tells that one needs to go on a cleaning marathon to sort out the mess.

Regardless, both the methods will need the same basics which include segregating items into categories and deciding which will need to be sold, kept and thrown away.

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