Smart Drugs: To Use or Not?

We must have seen movies like Limitless, Lucy. The stories though different than one another, they focus on only one point: the brain capacity. While one movie involved the use of a drug called as NZT to enhance the brain capacity, the other made the brain use 100% of its cerebral capacity. Both the movies are fiction though, and no scientific proof of either of the two drugs is yet available. However, that does not stop users from trying to improve their brain capacity and for that they use something called as smart drugs.

What Are Smart Drugs?

Currently, in the market, a number of pharmaceutical drugs are available which are said to enhance the brain’s capacity. The brain boosters increase the attention span, memory retaining capacity and improve the overall cognitive strength of the brain. However, these drugs do have their own side effects. Some of these drugs are

  • Ritalin
  • Adderall
  • Provigil
  • Piracetam

All of these drugs are said to enhance the brain’s function and capacity. These drugs are available at the market provided the customer has their doctor’s prescription. These drugs are used by top level candidates for whom a slight memory falter can mean a huge blunder.

Who Uses These Smart Drugs?

It has been reported that the Silicon Valley employees use performance enhancing smart drugs to improve the brain’s capacity. In addition, the drugs are also said to allow the coder to continuously code programs for 10 hours straight. Being this powerful, the drugs will definitely have some side effects. However, the users are okay with the drug’s side effects as long as it is mild.

They know the cost they have to pay to attain greater mental powers. Not only are the codes okay with the repercussions of using smart drugs, scientists too are okay with it. The use of smart drugs is also being followed by several scientists. This memory boosting smart drug is now a part, and parcel of their lives, and the side effects are something that they have to keep up with.

Perhaps the worst part of having smart drugs is the use by students. Adults under the age of 25 are seen to be using smart drugs in the UK, albeit several studies showing a drastic damage to young brains because of smart drugs.

Side Effects of Smart Drugs

Smart drugs can cause a variety of problems, but mostly all of them are affecting the brain. Patients consuming smart drugs for a short duration are known to develop insomnia, dizziness, hyperactivity and anxiety. Long-term effects of smart drugs include damage to the other body parts like heartburn, digestive problems, and paranoia. Some patient’s show cases of depressions and bipolar disorder developing in the long-term.

Should One Use Smart Drugs?

If one wants to deal with serious issues related to the brain later, then using smart drugs should not be a problem with you. However, using drugs for short-term benefits when there is definitely a danger to the health is simply not worth the efforts. People are advised to find alternative methods to dealing with smart drugs which are available and do not cause damage to the brain.

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