Sugar Affects Brain Health Adversely

Sugar always brings in a smile onto our face, and that is because of its taste of ecstasy. But the real truth is that the refined white sugar and artificial sweeteners are hazardous to the brain health. They lead to mood swings, a decrease in memory causing insulin resistance in the brain.

Of course, the natural sweetness present in carrots, beetroots, etc. can be consumed without any problem as that is good for the health. It is only the refined and artificial sugars that matter.

Types of Sugars or Sucrose

1. Glucose

  • This is a simple sugar which is the building block of carbohydrates found naturally in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.
  • It also forms the building blocks of lactose in dairy foods.
  • Provides energy to all the cells including the brain cells as it circulates in the blood.
  • All the cells can metabolize glucose for energy.

2. Fructose

  • Also, a simple sugar found in fruits, vegetables like carrots, beetroots, apples, etc. and also in all sweeteners like honey, table sugar, etc.
  • Only liver cells can metabolize fructose.
  • If artificial sweeteners are taken beyond the recommended limitation, it causes insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetes, but naturally occurring fructose is healthy, can be consumed without any restrictions.
  • It does not raise blood sugar levels or insulin levels, but instead raises blood fructose levels which are, even more, worse like diabetes, chronic inflammation, leading to obesity, fatty liver disease, etc.

How Sugar Affects the Brain

Increased sugar intake decreases the production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which is very much essential for the formation of brain cells. If the level of BDNF decreases, it causes depression, dementia and also Alzheimer’s disease. People who have diabetes have low BDNF.

Taking in refined sugars causes poor memory, anxiety, depression, learning disorders, etc.

How to Deal with It

  • Instead of fruits juices, take unprocessed whole fruit as it only contains natural sugars and not artificial, refined sugars.
  • There are sweeteners that are healthy which can be consumed in moderate limitation like agave nectar, maple syrup, etc.
  • Create a menu card that has healthy options of natural sugars instead of using refined sugars.
  • Replace sugar with other health products like fat and protein.
  • Do meditation, or supplements (such as Geniux) and yoga to come out of the craving.
  • Try self-hypnosis

Eat healthy and if there is a craving for sugars, try to deal with it with the above-mentioned deals. But still if there is no change, do not think that you are alone, there are people who could give a helping hand and guide you out of it.

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