The Mood Guide

A state of mind.

It is quite simple, really. Happiness, contentment, euphoria and in contrast even sorrow, grief and anguish – these are all different states of mind, also known as mood.

Everything that goes on in the world around us either directly or indirectly affects the way we are feeling.

Starting from a high test score cheering up your mood to a tragic loss accident on the highway sending your mood into the pits of despair – everything affects us.

Escape a Bad Mood

A bad mood is the worst thing ever. Seriously!

While sometimes we have a valid reason to be upset, other times our bad mood is the result of practically nothing. We are just irritable all day for no reason.

Maybe you just got out from the wrong side of the bed? Rubbish!

Snapping out of this bad mood is absolutely imperative. Otherwise, you might be looking at a disastrous day with nothing going your way.

Have You Tried Yoga?

Yoga acts as the ideal antidote to anxiety and bad mood. It is proven to be the most effective form of exercise to raise your spirits and hence, mood.

How, you ask? Well, yoga regulates the nerve activity – it is as if it has a direct contact with the brain. GABA is the chemical through the release of which yoga works its magic.

Studies show that practising yoga regularly stimulates certain areas of the brain and creates the most suitable environment for the release of the neurotransmitter GABA.

Furthermore, yoga cultivates awareness in the brain and therefore acts as a brilliant mood enhancer. While practising yoga, a soulful communication is opened between the mind and the body. This increases mindfulness and relaxes the body and mind and creates a healing environment inside.

Hydrate Yourself

Dehydration has been proven to adversely affect our mental operations and moods. Even mild dehydration can have an adverse influence on the mood.

Near about 8 glasses of water need to be consumed daily. By the time we start feeling thirsty, we are already slightly dehydrated.

Researchers have stated that the ill effects of dehydration of female mood are slightly worse than that in men. Nobody has been able to explain why this is true. However, the fact remains that dehydration has deleterious effects on the mood of both men and women.

The body as well as the brain require fluids to perform effectively. Therefore, make sure you drink sufficient quantities of water daily.

Gobble Up

Nutrition largely affects your mood. What you put into your mouth and hence your body is of course a crucial determinant of your mood.

Make sure you are not a junk food junky! The momentary pleasure these foods bring you is just that – momentary pleasure. Emphasis is on the word, “momentary”.

Downing a pint of beer with friends or grabbing a cup of coffee along with some cake may chill you out for a while. But the mood neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and GABA are produced artificially.

The nutrition is not sufficient to compensate for the hike in your blood sugar, stress on your endocrine glands. Your overall health gets reduced massively.

So, don’t sacrifice your long term health for short term improvement of your mood. Drink more water and take in solid and wholesome food to ensure a higher mood in the long run.

In Conclusion

There are uncountable things that will let you down on a given day, starting from fearing failure to small rejections.  When you purchase Alpha Levo IQ, you should know it helps with mood.  The important thing is to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and paint a big smile on your face.