scientifically known as:

AY-27255, Ethyl Apovincaminate, Eburnamenine-14-Carboxylic Acid, Ethylapovincaminoate, Cavinton, RGH-4405, Ethyl Ester, TCV-3b, Vinpocetina, Vinpocetin, Vinpocétine.

What is Vinpocetine?

Vinca minor, also known as the periwinkle plant, is an evergreen, violet colored vine-like plant. From its seed, is extracted vinpocetine. Vinpocetine is derived from the alkaloid vincamine. Vinca Minor has many ingredients, but of that vinpocetine is the one that is most talked about and the most researched, especially in recent European studies. Let us see why:

What Is It Used For?

  • It is associated with alleviating weariness, caused due to old age.
  • The tonic is used in treating menses symptoms, including mouth sores and bleeding gums.
  • It has been known to improve cerebral function, boost memory in humans more effectively than its counterpart vincamine, without the side-effects.
  • You can say, it’s a memory enhancer, that is long term and short term memory, and who doesn’t want that?
  • It protects the heart, visual and hearing functions.
  • It works wonders for athletes, mountain climbers and trekkers, skiers who want to improve their performance as vinpocetine increases blood flow and oxygenation.
  • Treating chronic fatigue and seizure disorders.
  • Every disease which is characterized by low blood flow and circulation, or neuronal damage due to low oxidation and low amounts of energy.
  • Plays a welcome role, in improving cognition and acting as your daily cognitive supplement.

How Does It Work?

When vinpocetine enters the bloodstream, it dilates the blood vessels and begins it work by facilitating cerebral metabolism, thereby improving blood flow to the brain.

This results in oxidation and better glucose utilization. It is also known for its effect in increasing brain cell energy through its effect on the production of the cellular energy molecule ATP.

Vinpocetine’s benefits in:

Cognitive Function:

It improves long term and short term memory, while also acts as a neuroprotector. It enhances alertness and awareness.

Reverses or prevents lack of oxygen (ischemia) damage to the vital organs of brain, liver and muscles. It also diminishes senile cerebral dysfunction.

Hearing Function:

It relieves or prevents hearing loss due to various causes. Also prevents tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing sound in the ear). Relieves vertigo.

Visual Function:

It improves night vision, prevents or relieves glaucoma. Improves wound healing of eyes due to burns. It prevents age-related macular degeneration.

Cardiovascular Function:

It reduces artherosclerotic plaque as well as Improves cardiac output and nutritive blood flow to various organs. Enhances dilation of blood vessels. Increases the flexibility of red blood cells and removes toxic chemicals out of the body like lead and aluminium.

The Right Dosage

The right dosage actually depends on the individual’s need, as in does he require it for a brain related disorder? For hearing or visual aid? Or is he a regular hiker looking for better oxygenation during his act? According to this, a vinpocetine formulation is given and it can vary from 10- 40 mg per/day.

One can start with 10 mg per day to a gradual increase. More of this supplement should be avoided to maintain natural gut flora of the intestines. The desired effect will not show if more of this is taken, as they follow a dose-response curve. Those who take more than 40 mg per day, the curve declines to a lower effect. Although, it differs from person to person, due to different body chemistry, it is safe to take it in a limited amount.

Is it a Safe Supplement?

It is an extract of the periwinkle plant and it has not been known to show any side-effects. However, in the high dosage of above 140 mg per day it has been reported to show gastrointestinal discomfort. But as long as you are taking it in the limit of 40 mg per day it should be fine.

Is it Fine to Take Vinpocetine with Other Supplements?

Well, many people who take other cognitive and nutritional supplements have been found to take vinpocetine along with it harmlessly, its effect has shown to be innocuous.

How Soon Will the Effects Be Noticed?

This is highly subjective, varying from person to person. Some people report an instant effect on their levels of awareness while for some it may extend gradually over weeks and months. The awareness is noticed by feelings of mild excitement and remembering of daily tasks and things which were forgettable. It can also be felt by an improvement in memory games or performance at mental tasks.

Dr. Ward Dean, a cognitive expert is of the opinion that he has observed an improvement with vinpocetine out of all the cognitive enhancers that he has prescribed over the years.

Additionally, if a person has problems with his memory, he will find it difficult to exactly remember and identify how quick the supplement has its effects on him.

Can Vinpocetine Help with Memory Loss in Cases of Alzheimer's Disease?

There is some scientific literature supporting the fact that the use of vinpocetine in Alzheimer patients, indicating its possible future use.

Vinpocetine: Is It an Intelligent Choice for Age-Related Cognitive Impairment (or Decline)

Age related cognitive impairments (ARCI) are too common these days, affecting almost all age groups. It results in one’s loss of mental acuity in a gradual way. Some researchers say that it sets in early and we don’t notice it while we age while some say it is an old age resulted disorder, but all the more it is an issue of growing concern.  When you buy Alpha Levo IQ, know that vinpocetine is part of the supplement.

Vinpocetine can be of great use in this growing tension of (ARCI) as it helps in preserving and may be reversing mental acuity. It is certainly of importance if you want to add it in your daily dose of cognitive supplements lest the next thing you don’t want to be forgetting your spouse’s birthday or missing the date of your round-the-corner anniversary!

To conclude, vinpocetine surely needs some more laboratory research to define its role as a dietary supplement. Double-blind controlled clinical studies should be conducted to further accentuate its role as a cognitive enhancer and set a gold standard.